Welcome to Vineyard Candles

We are Cornish artisans of funky glassware and candles from repurposed wine and beer bottles. Inspired by the bottles from our local Cornish vineyards we have fifteen years of experience creating new and unique gifts with each bottle cut and ground by hand and the rims polished by flame to give a perfect finish. The luxury hand poured natural wax candles are spiced with trendy drink inspired fragrances and come packaged in a beautifully designed tube.

We supply retail shops across the UK from London to Leeds, Shetland to Penzance and the ranges have proven to be best sellers. If you would like to become a stockist of our beautiful range of candles please go to the Trade Club section of our web site where you can apply to be a member. In the Trade Club section of our web site you can place a trade order and download fantastic professional photographs of all our products

How we make them

These are some of the key stages we go through in the factory making our Candles. As you can see it is quite a technical and time consuming process. It’s all done by hand and takes approximately 12 hours from start to finish but I think you will agree the results speak for themselves.

About us

We are a small family run company based in the North Cornwall town of Wadebridge. We are passionate about Cornwall, our environment, our people and living a good life and we hope that this is reflected in the products that we make and the way we run our business.

About Vineyard Candles team
About Vineyard Candles

A talented bunch of individuals! We have 15 years of experience of melting glass and creating candles and in that time we have won many business awards for our products, environmental credentials and ethics. When not at work we can be found kayaking, surfing waves, catching fish, singing on stage, spinning round a pole and chasing cats - we are not saying who does what but you can probably work it out!

Our workshop is divided in two - glass making on one side and candle pouring on the other.

The Glass Workshop is hot and noisy and looks a bit like Wallace and Grommit have been unleashed in a scrap heap challenge. Because what we do is so unique we have had to make most of our equipment ourselves and its constantly being improved, adapted and tweaked with a result that Heath Robinson would be proud of. In contrast the Candle Workshop is a haven of serene calmness, order and beautifully laid out lines of gently cooling fragrant candles.

Contact us

North Cornwall has some fantastic beaches, vineyards, cycling trails, coastal paths, pubs and restaurants. So if you are down this way then why not pop in and see us. We have a corner of the office where you can see our candles displayed and check out the fragrances. Please give us a call before your visit to make sure we are going to be around and not on the beach. Lottie the Parsons Terrier is our office dog and a typical terrier so the office door is often locked to protect the postman. When Lottie has realised you are not the postman she is very friendly!

You can give John our office manager a call any time weekdays 9.00 - till 4.30 - he doesn’t bite…

Vineyard Candles
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Telephone: 01208 812531
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Unit 1 Knights Business Centre PL27 6HB